We aim to please and it shows. Below is a partial list of some very satisfied customers. Click on any of the names to see the letter that they wrote on our behalf.

University of Detroit Mercy


Vice President for Business and Finance

July 7, 1999

Mr. Chris Bee
Account Manager
Planet Communications, Inc.
PO Box 214
Howell, MI 48844

Dear Chris:

I want to once again thank you for saving my new employer valuable dollars in its telephone cost. Not only did you aid us in negotiating a sizeable Ameritech rate reduction, but you also assisted us in setting a near-term direction that has served the University well.

Your review, follow-up, and assistance in taking corrective action were extremely valuable as we downsized our Telecommunications Department.

As I have noted before, your honesty, professional conduct, and “soft sell” approach is so refreshing in an industry that does not share your fine reputation. I trust we will have many more years of outstanding joint ventures in these fast-changing times.

Thanks again for your past and future efforts on behalf of the University of Detroit Mercy and myself.

detroit-sigDale S. Tucker
Vice President for Businesses and Finance

4001 West McNichols Road
P.O. Box 19900
Detroit, Michigan 48219-0900

The Forbes Company

Mr. Chris Bee
Planet Communications Inc.
P.O. Box 214
Howell, Michigan 48844

Dear Chris,

I am writing to express my appreciation for an excellent job switching our phone carriers. Not only were you able to save us a substantial amount of money, but you did so with very little effort on our end. Your prompt attention and follow up to our needs has been commendable.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that is in need of your service.

Thank you again.



forbes-sigDonna Murphy
Accounting Manager

State Appellate Defender Office

Mr. Chris Bee
Planet Communications Inc.
10051 East Highland Road
Suite 29 – PMB 165
Howell, MI 48843

Dear Chris,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for assisting our office with the design, implementation, and follow-through of our new phone system. Prior to the purchase of our new phone system, our office was paying approximately $12,000 for our network connections and $23,000 for our phone line charges through big-box conglomerates. We also had separate phone lines for each office and dedicated staff at each office routing calls.

Today, many small businesses need to cut their business operating costs for survival. Government is no exception. We must find new ways to fund our operations on the limited resources we are appropriated. Kicking the can down the road is an obsolete metaphor in the world of government administration; it no longer applies.

Chris, as a result of implementing our new phone system, we have realized a 33% operational cost-savings. Above that, we also gained an increase in staff efficiencies with all calls being sent to one central location and then routed to their destination directly. We were then able to reassign clerical staff to other functions. Had it not been for the implementation of this phone system and the correlation of direct savings, our department would have been forced to layoff staff. We have lowered our business costs, gained a tremendous amount of technology equity over our previous system, and also saved a job. For that, I could not be any happier.

sado-sigBryan Vance
Finance & Administrative Services Manager


March 8, 2006

Mr. Chris Bee
Planet Communications, lnc.
P.O. 214
Howell, MT 48844

Dear Chris,

This letter is to help express our gratitude for the services that you and Planet Communications, Inc. have provided SEWS-OTC, Inc. over the past 6 years. We have benefited in many ways from your services. You coordinated all our data and voice T1 services successfully for past and recent relocations and cut costs for us at the same time. You have also handled contract negotiations, audits and reviews. It is refreshing to work with someone who is not only caring of our needs but also is able to make recommendations from a variety of carriers and service providers.

Your professionalism, experience and outstanding customer service should be commended.

Please feel free to use this letter as a reference for future clients.

sews-sigRenee Dillion

Roy O’Brien, Inc.



To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Chris Bee, President of Planet Communications, will be a delight to work with for your communication needs. His knowledge, integrity and honesty is unsurpassable. He has a variety of capabilities, not the least being his eye for detail in reviewing your expenses and then devising a accurate cost analysis for true savings to your company. He then does not disappear!

After Chris establishes your best route (carrier) for your communication needs, then for what ever reason – wind, snow, storms, or just a change needed in the Tl or formatting (etc.etc.), he is just a phone call away. Very attainable and stays with the trouble ticket until it is resolved. He is dedicated to his customers, quite frankly, like none I’ve ever seen.

You will have finally found someone you can count on and know that the job will be done right the first time!

Please call me direct at 586-776-4072, ext. 203 for any further information regarding Chris Bee and Planet Communications.

roy-obrien-sigJoyce Albrecht
Administrator, Roy O’Brien, Inc.


Navarre & Navarre Lawyers

June 12, 2014

Re: Planet Communications Inc. – Chris Bee

To Whom It May Concern

We were very satisfied with Chris Bee of Planet Communications, Inc.

We received a great rate and have saved a lot of money. The transition was also very smooth and they did not require the purchase of a new card reading machine.


navarre-sigPhilip B.Navarre

Michigan Head•Pain & Neurological Institute


January 23, 2001

Chris Bee
Planet Communications, Inc.
110 W. Grand River Ave. #124
Howell, MI 48843

Dear Chris:

Thanks to PCI, we have realized a significant drop in our telephone costs! Feel free to use us as a reference for your future potential clients.

You were extremely helpful in explaining to us all the various (and sometimes confusing) charges and hidden costs on our phone bill. You have been very responsive to our follow-up phone calls and any questions that came up when further adjustments needed to be made. I would highly recommend Planet Communications’ services to any business that is looking to reduce their telephone expenses. Thanks again.


mhni-sigTom Lutz
Building Manager



Huron Metro Parks

Administrative Offices

FRANK J. SUDEK, Director
DAVID L. WAHL, Controller
DONALD G. BEEK Secretary

13000 High Ridge Drive   P.O. Box 2001  Brighton, Michigan 48116-8001
Telephone:    (810) 227-2757    1-800-47-PARKS     Fax: (810) 227-8610
Web: http://www.metroparks.com E-Mail: metroprk @ mail.oeonline.com


February 6, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority has been working with Mr. Chris Bee of PCI, Inc. for over three years. During that time, Mr. Bee has recommended different programs available from our local carrier to save our company money. He has also been able to group our numerous accounts to take advantage of discounts based on volume. Mr. Bee has serviced our account on a regular basis by reviewing monthly bills and when necessary negotiated refunds for the company. He has maintained a good working relationship with our telephone vendors while increasing service to our patrons and saving our company money.

huron-sigScott W. Michael
Purchasing Manager

Brighton Ford

June 24, 2014

To Anyone Searching for a Reduced Cost for Credit Card Processing and Management Services:

I was thrilled to be able to write a recommendation letter for Chris Bee, Planet Communications Inc., concerning his efforts in our Credit Card Processing. Not only was the end result a success, but the overall orchestration and professional attitude Chris and his company had was vastly refreshing.

Benefits from Planet Communication’s recommendations for Credit Card Processing:

  1. Savings that come quick and easy
  2. A reliable and trusting business relationship
  3. Rates reviewed with multiple processors
  4. Ongoing support

Chris was able to diagnose an appropriate plan by the end of two easy appointments and returned with the completed paperwork. After that the order was processed and the equipment was reprogrammed. Since then it has been smooth sailing with savings in return.

On a company standpoint, it has been a smart, efficient choice considering the savings we have been gaining. Now, we are able to invest and grow as a business in the most efficient manner.

I highly recommend Chris’ Cost Reduction Services to help benefit your business.


brighton-ford-sigTina Devlin
Office Manager

Frankenmuth Credit Union

August 16, 2000

To Whom It May Concern,

Al Beaudet from Planet Communications was hired by our Credit Union to find the best telephone rate
available to us.

Being very skeptical of a person saying, “I can save you money on your phone bill,” I reluctantly listened to his plan. He said we had nothing to lose, because we did not pay him a cent until he proved that he had saved us money. Our Credit Union has always shopped around for deals so I thought the cost savings would not be significant. Needless, to say I was very impressed with the results that Al brought to us. He is saving our business over $200.00 a month!!

Not only did Al find us a money saving phone plan, but he also is able to deal directly with Ameritech when we need phone changes or need to have an order placed.

Al is a soft spoken, intelligent expert in this field. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to save money on your phone bill. As Al said, “You have nothing to lose”.


frankenmuth-sigVickie Schmitzer, Vice President
Frankenmuth Credit Union

Fendt Builder’s Supply, Inc.

September 21, 1998

PO Box 214
Howell, MI 48844

Attn: Mr. Chris Bee

Dear Chris,

We would like to thank you for the suggestions and service you have given us to improve our local and long distance phone system. All transactions went smoothly and our phone costs have been greatly reduced.

We appreciate that you are always there for us when we have a question or need advice.

Please feel free to use us as a reference to your future customers.


fendt-sigBeverlie S. Redditt
Office Manager